Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hope In The New Year

It had come to the end of another year
Yet thinking of the new one, brought so much fear
There was always the fear of the unknown
For half a year, he carried a heavy stone

 It grew much heavier as the year came to an end
He found out just how far he could bend
He had good health, and the sun was shining
Remembering that every cloud had a silver lining

Where did he belong, where would he go
What would he do, he just didn't know
Where would his path, lead him to
He relied on hope, to help him through

Everything always seemed to have worked before
He earned his money by doing his chore
Yet now he had no chore to do
What little money he has, he's going through

Soon he won't have any for his rent
Because it will all be spent
His path brings him down a sad trail
He only knows that he can not fail
What will happen to this man next year
Let's hope a miracle will appear
©Dec 26, 2016 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
I've always glided through the slow times,
and usually something came along. I always
managed to make it through my darkest times.
But that stress is weighing heavily on me. I do
have some plans, but it will me bring down a
different path. Not sure it will be better, I only know
it is the only option presenting itself to me right now

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