Saturday, July 1, 2017


As you walk right by, I know you're here
If I could talk, I'd tell you “have no fear”
For once, I did have a voice
I'm glad that I had made my choice
You've heard my call
And I love you all

 I try so hard, but I can not speak
I can barely move, and I feel so weak
I wish I could break free
Yet I can hardly see
I want to share, what's on my mind
The words won't come, at least that's what I find

I don't want another test
I know I'm not at my very best
Please, just let me go
This is something, that you know
I've seen the world, I lived a great life
I return to nothing, no more your strife

Thanks for holding my hand, I knew it was you
I appreciate all you did, and all that you do
I can slightly, wiggle my toes
The things I know, nobody else knows
I can say, that it's just as well
That my time had come, on the day I fell
©June 28, 2017 Bud Lemire
                         Author Note:
As most of you may have guessed, I wrote this
with my brother Clyde in mind. “I Return To
Nothing” is because he didn't believe in the
afterlife. Which is something I strongly believe
in. I believe he will quite surprised when he is
there and meets up with my Mom, my brother
Terry, and many others he thought were gone
forever. I can't imagine being in a Coma, but
I tried my best here. I put myself in his place,
and tried to imagine. I believe we are half here
and half in The Spirit World. Just waiting to be
set free so we can be fully somewhere. But as
we are in this state, we do take in the voices and
the people who are at our side.

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