Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Woman Of The Rainbow

It wasn't so unusual, the woman with three eyes
But the purple color of her skin, came as a surprise
Her eyes were a strange shade of green
And the way she moved, seemed a bit obscene
As she moved in front of me, there was something more
I hadn't counted on, the way she moved across the floor
She took me in her arms, and held me very tight
And the world I once knew, had changed within my sight

She whispered to me, “Do not be afraid”
As I stared, her image started to fade
Before me stood a woman, who touched my very soul
All colors of the Rainbow, her skin was all aglow

I wondered who she was, and why she came to me
And the reason for this meeting, and all that it could be
“I'm here to tell you, life isn't what it may seem”
“There's more to every picture, you've awaken from a dream”

I couldn't take my eyes off, her beauty in plain sight
As her body held me tightly, deep into the night
I was somewhere else, lost in some other place
But not alone, at least not in this case
She was by my side, watching the scene change
The smile on her face, seemed a bit strange

Then it dawned on me, as I spotted a certain scene
I could see my future, and what lay in between
A Rainbow surrounded me, and gave me such a glow
And the Woman Of The Rainbow, was touching deep my soul
©Jan 7, 2006 Bud Lemire
                     Author Note:
When she showed me the future, I realized I was a Rainbow to
others. Giving them hope and encouragement to keep on
going. For each of us has a pot of Gold, which has meaning
in our lives. It won't be the exact pot of gold, but it will be
something or someone who means a lot to us.

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