Saturday, July 1, 2017

Editor's Corner

July 2017

“He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” –Harold Wilson

That quote would be a good lead in to part of Mattie Lennon's "Irish Eyes" this month as he discusses the Clarkes Funeral Home in Dublin. He also tells what is the latest with other poets at Listowel's literary conclave, and mentions quietly that his own play will be performed soon.

 Thomas F. Neill of Pennsylvania who is teaching in Suchou, China, shares in his column "Introspective" how he brings information out to intrigue his young students keeping them interested in education. Dayvid Clarkson who resides in British Columbia, Canada, whimsically gathers his thoughts in his "Reflections of the Day."

 The Cohenours, Melinda who researches for "Armchair Genealogy" so enthusiastically, and Rod who loves cooking and bringing delightful recipes ("Cooking With Rod") to the readers' attention, live in the busy area of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, while LC Van Savage prepares her column "Consider This" and other compositions such as the article "Letters to France Olive" in the northern state of Maine. The other article, "A Strange Journey - on Anxiety" is reprinted from the author Bethany Whitaker's blog "Altogether Beautiful" now composed in the deep South part of the USA.

Our poets speak to us from all over the world, specifically this month, Bud Lemire from Rhode Island, John I Blair from the heart of Texas, and Bruce Clifford from the far southern Florida. Clifford's poem for July is "Falling Apart;" Blair's half dozen are "Basil Bee," Goldenrod Late September," "Last Day of November," "Stress," "Look at This Girl" and "Sitting on The Rail;" Lemire's are "Coma," "More To Everybody's Story," "The Woman of The Rainbow," and the epic story poem, "Filemma."

We have other authors who usually are published in this International eZine, like Judith Kroll ("On Trek") of the Northwestern part of the USA, and poets from the UK, Australia, Germany, Greenland, etc. Over 500 writers have published with Pencil Stubs Online in the last twenty years, some going on to become book authors in the hard back book venue. We appreciate each of them and their compositions, and hope to continue bringing their work the attention it deserves.

Mike Craner, without whom this ezine would have never made the web, deserves credit for his expertise and patience. He has added many of his poems and stories, though none recently with his demanding occupation, but to access his bio and a clickable list of his work here is the link to "Mikes Place" and more of his writings.

See you in August !!!

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