Saturday, July 1, 2017

Reflections on the Day

      There is part of me that wants to write, a part that wants to theorize, a part that wants to sculpt, a part that wants to teach … To force myself into a single role, to decide to be just one thing in life, would kill off large parts of me. Rather, I recognize that I live now and only now, and I will do what I want to do this moment and not what I decided was best for me yesterday.”

      “I am not interested so much in what I do with my hands or words as what I do with my feelings. I want to live from the inside out, not from the outside in.

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      Watching Grand Father Sun and Father Sky painting the canvas again tonight. Brilliant colours of orange, pinks, and azure blue dance across the clouds. A momentary opening and a flash of sunlight strikes me in the eyes. I was briefly disturbed by this as if it was some sort of inconvenience. A disturbance if you will.

      Then, on reflection, I realized it was not an inconvenience or a disturbance. It was as it was and did not become unpleasant till I labeled it and created it as something negative. The waves hold no malice as they beat on the shore it just is. So many times I have categorized something that did not need to be named. I will let this go. I cannot be angry at the rain; it simply does not know how to fall up. ..

      Waiting for the sun to go down, waiting for the moon and a billion stars. I close my eyes and drift away into the miracle of the night. I slip deeper until the wings of an Elder lift me up and carry me to my lessons. The magic of night works powerfully on my soul. I feel the confidence rise that will propel me on my waking journey. I am eternally grateful to the Divine for sharing this wondrous gift.

      Sleep well, dream deep my Friends. Humble bow, Dayvid

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