Saturday, July 1, 2017


She didn't know, how she could break free
And thought being trapped there, was her destiny
Filemma was special, and yet she didn't know
She hadn't used her powers, so they didn't grow
When they came for her, not too long ago
Shackling her brutally, depressing her very soul
It's not so much, the cause of what she had done
Her captors, always liked a little fun
They blamed her for the uprising, in the southern part
Rising up against their ruler, upsetting the apple cart
She didn't see them hiding, around the corner of her house
They certainly were quiet, these rats were not a mouse
They had her shackled, tightly against the wall
Hanging up high, if she got out she'd surely fall
And yet she had a feeling, that maybe it wouldn't be
Yet what would break these shackles, and would set her free
Her mind took her back, thinking of an earlier time
When her Mother, Fortuana, had given her a sign
She said “We come from a line, of powerful sorcerers”
“We covered our powers, by selling many kinds of furs”
She remembered something as a kid
But wasn't sure what a sorcerer did
Maybe something to do with magic, in a way
Could it be in something, that she would say
Words were forming in her mind
Using her thoughts, she let them unwind
She pushed out at her restraint
Her shackles flew to the wall, like glitter paint
It didn't take much of a push, to set herself free
Now to escape this prison, and then she would see

As she peeked around the corner, she could see a guard
If there was only one, it shouldn't be so hard
She wondered how this sorcery, would work on a living man
So she once again pushed, while doing a body scan
She didn't push too hard, she finally had the knack
That guard toppled over, as if from a heart attack
Who needed weapons, when you had the power of sorcery
So powerful this magic, that it had set her free
This was the easy part, but more enemies were outside the
She wondered if her magic, would work against them all
She came to a door, and wondered where it lead
Opening it slowly, she saw someone sitting on a bed

A man with purple hair, and eyes the purest blue
“My Name is Mesco, please take me away with you”
Mesco was in a prison, and would need to be set free
She pushed at the door, and it opened without a key
Mesco smiled, as the door opened wide
And soon he was looking at the prison, from the outside

Filemma and Mesco headed down the hall
A dead end, it had lead them to a wall
Mesco pointed and whispered, “Out the back way”
The door that held the prison, brought them to the light of day
Before them lead a path, that lead to a mass of trees
A forest at the end, on one branch was a hive of bees
They followed the path, to see where it would go
Mesco took the lead, he seemed to know
He slowed down, and turned to Filemma to say
“There is hidden danger, if we go this way”
Filemma asked “what are you talking about?”
Then a fast movement, brought on a wild shout

Little people holding spears, behind the trees they came
“So this was the hidden danger,” Filemma thought without any blame
They were speaking, with their spears pointing ahead
So Filemma and Mesco, followed where they were lead
 Following the little people, down the path that twists and turns
They passed trees, and bushes, and also many ferns
Little round houses, that looked to be made of grass
They came across a little woman, she was showing her ass
She was dancing in the middle of a circle, as people cheered
Filemma hope that they weren't forced into, doing something that she feared
They passed the dancer, and stopped by the biggest house
A little fat man was standing in the doorway, the woman must be his spouse

They motioned the captives inside, to a chair where they could sit
Across the room inside, a big candle was being lit
Mesco whispered “these are the Gitchies, this is a ceremony they hold”
Filemma was glad to know this, happy that she had been told
She asked Mesco, what would happen next
Mesco replied smiling, “Nothing to do with sex”
Relieved, yet that never cross her mind
She was happy to know, Mesco seemed so kind
A man stood up in front, and started to speak
Mesco with his forefinger, touched her on the cheek
He said “he is talking about us, to his people's ears”
Filemma listened, but she didn't have any fears

Mesco stood up, and spoke to them in their tongue
Words that flowed together, like a song that had been sung
Mesco turned to Filemma, and this is what he said
“Because we are enemies of the Castle men, we will not be dead”
“These are the Gitchies” said Mesco with a smile
“They have lived in these woods for quite awhile”
“They want to know, what brought you here”
“And to also tell you, you have nothing to fear”
Filemma looked up, and in her memory
Found that place, that brought her misery
“I was bathing , not far from here, in the nude”
“When the Castle Men, came upon me, and they were so rude”
“they held my clothes, watching as I came out”
“They called me dirty names, they started to shout”
“They let me get dressed, then tied me with a rope”
“Until a memory came upon me, I had given up on hope”

Mesco smiled again, as they Gitchies asked how they got free
Filemma replied “I realized through a memory, I retained sorcery”
“You come from beyond the Mountains,” said a Gitchy from the rear
Emotional, Filemma replied “yes,” with a tear
“I was searching for my sister, wondering where she could be”
“She wasn't with the same Castle men, so I couldn't set her free”
“Some men like the Castle men, had taken her away”
“I've been searching for her, every night and day”
A female Gitchy stepped forward, “There is a place called Consoom”
“A big place with many people, but it may cause you your doom”
“Many Castle men, and people, from all around”
“They dwell in this place, and here she might be found”

The female Gitchy pointed to the East
And said before they leave, they'll join them in a feast
The Feast with many foods, so many Gitchies from everywhere
They even gave Filemma, some food that they could spare
“One final gift, we give to you today”
“A charmed necklace,” as the female Gitchy walked away
“Whenever you need help, rub this charm light”
“It will help you anywhere, whether day or night”
A Gitchy guided them, to a place to lay their head
It wasn't quite as comfortable, as their own familiar bed
But soon Filemma and Mesco, faded into slumber
Cutting logs so many, they lost track of the number

Taking a closer look, into a Nightmarish dream
She was awakened, by a loud noise and a scream
The Castle Men, were attacking her family home
She's never seen them before, their features all unknown
She saw them, taking her sister away
Her sister Domina, struggling to get free
They had her face covered, she couldn't talk or see
Filemma ran out to stop them, but was taken from behind
That was the last thing she remembered, darkness took her mind
Dark skinned, dark skinned, as the sun beat down
Her beauty spoke of royalty, but she didn't wear a crown

Just a trader of furs, nothing more than that
Living in her village home, is where she was at
Just a handful of family, were left to tend the place
All the others killed, by an enemy that showed no face
She came to, and she looked around
For traces of the footprints, and where they were bound
She'll get her sister back, no matter what it takes
Already she was feeling, all the familiar aches
Then she found herself bathing in a stream
This almost felt like, this could be a dream
Castle Men grabbed her, and tied her up real tight
Blindfolded her, and cut off her daylight
It was so tight, she'd never break free
She wished, that she could somehow see
Feeling like someone, was giving her a shake
It was Mesco, “It's time to come awake”

Realization, that the two sets of Castle Men weren't the same
It was from different places, that each of them came
So she knew the place, had to be Consoom
With a little luck, it wouldn't be her doom
They thanked the Gitchies for the feast
And the provisions to take, as they headed east
One thing Filemma thought, as they headed down the trail
They needed to free her sister, and they couldn't fail

After half a day's walk, they came to more trees
From inside the Gitchy backpack, she tasted something like cheese
She broke off a piece, and let Mesco give it a try
Then overhead, they saw something pass by
Mesco smiled, “Filemma my friend, you need not fear”
“They have Flying Squirrels, in the trees over here”
Filemma asked, “have you been here before?”
Mesco replied, “Long ago with my family, we came to explore”
“Mesco, do you know this area very well?”
“Yes, but the last time I was here, I went through hell”
“Mesco, do you have an idea where these Castle Men might be?”
“I recall a large building, that's what I did see”
'If we keep following the trail, we'll be there in half a day”
Filemma smiled, as she let Mesco lead the way

Two hours later, they came to a certain spot
“Okay Filemma, let's see what you got”
“Mesco, what so ever do you mean?”
“Time to practice that sorcery, or you'll be green”
“See that large rock over there, by that tree”
“I want you to hit it with your power, we'll see”
Filemma concentrated, and pushed her power out
The rock was pulverized, Mesco gave a shout
“Now let's try it, with a little less force”
Filemma laughed, yet she sounded a little hoarse
Mesco pointed at another rock, not too far away
“Filemma, just relax your mind, and it will be okay”
She did, and the result she used with her power
That hard rock was in a shape of a flower
Mesco laughed, his face was filled with glee
“My sister use to pick these flowers, especially for me”
“We called her PinRose, because she did”
“I haven't seen her, since I was a kid”

Filemma smiled, because she loved flowers too
And something else, she just somehow knew
Then she wondered, how did she know
Must be a part of her sorcery, as it was always so
Mesco smiled and said, “Now let's see how you do on a man”
“Mesco, I'm not sure about this, do you think that I can?”
“Just use your mind, and think about what will be”
Mesco went over, and sat under the tree
Filemma closed her eyes, visualizing Mesco here
When she opened her eyes, she saw Mesco disappear
She had no idea, that these powers did anything close
Then she felt something touch her face, like a ghost
Filemma jumped up, and turned around
She looked, but nobody was to be found
Then she heard a little laughter, and she knew
As Mesco was in front of her, he came back into view

“It's a gift of my people, I learned when I was boy”
“It was something that I use to, always enjoy”
“Mesco, it means, I still didn't get to practice on a man”
Mesco smiled, “I've always known that you can”
“How?” Filemma asked with a questioning look
“Because, your visualization, is as plain as a book”
“Remember when we were at the Gitchy home”
“You knew without saying, that we weren't alone”
“Yes!” Filemma smiled, “I felt there was someone else there”
“And there was!” Mesco continued, “You were quite aware”
“A little man in the shadows, with a beard”
“Yes!” said Filemma, “and that seemed so weird”
“What was he doing?” Filemma asked, “because I didn't look”
“He was writing down everything we said, into a book”
All of a sudden, Filemma looked up at the sky
As one of those giant squirrels, went flying by
What an amazing discovery, Filemma noticed that the squirrel
Was not really a squirrel, but a small Gitchy Girl
“Mesco, did you know this was part of their plan?”
“Yes,” Mesco nodded, “They are the protectors of this land”

Mesco looked up, then down, and then all around
“I guess this will perfect, for our sleep in the ground”
Mesco pulled out two small blanket rolls
And placed them on the ground, where there weren't any holes
“The Gitchies gave them to us” Mesco said with a smile
Filemma replied, “a little bit smaller than our normal style”
“Yes, but we can't be picky, and we won't get dirt on our clothes”
Not that Filemma was complaining, not one to turn up her nose
They heard forest animals, but none came too near
They slept in rotations, always open with one ear
At some point, they both were asleep in the night
Both were awakened, by the first sign of daylight
Only half a day, and they would be there
While sleepiness left them, they became more aware
They ate some of the provisions, the Gitchies had given
Both came more to life, in the land of the living

They started off on the trail, before too long
Mesco was whistling, a cheery old song
Filemma was smiling, “I know that tune”
And the trail brought them, all the way to noon
They arrived at the valley, that lead to Consoom
If they planned it well, it wouldn't lead to their doom
“Filemma, I'm going to look around, I'll be right back”
“I want to see who is where, so we'll have all the facts”
Mesco headed off, to check it out
While Filemma, filled her head with plenty of doubt
It seems we may have troubles, is what she thought
Getting Domina out, without us getting caught
All of a sudden she heard a noise, it was Mesco returning
She was anxious to find out, what she would be learning

“There's a lot of people, workers around there”
“It will be dangerous, we'll have to take care”
“Listen, Filemma, I think I should go in alone”
“Take a look around, and see what is known”
“I want you to be my back up, only come if I say”
“You're telepathic, so I'll send a message your way”
Filemma didn't like the idea, but she understood
She'd be prepared, in case he should
“Mesco, how did you get caught, you seem so wise”
“They came up from behind, took me by surprise”
“Couldn't you have turned invisible, and gotten away?”
“I wasn't quite the same man, I am today”
“They shackled me, before I could be so quick”
“What they did to the other captive, made me sick”
Filemma was afraid to ask, what could that be
“I have an idea, because of how they treated me”
“You have no idea, Filemma, I don't want to say”
“They aren't men, and one day they will pay”
“Be careful Mesco, I'll be listening for your words”
High above them weren't the Gitchies, but some gray birds

Mesco was silent, as he walked down the trail
Filemma pulled out a flask, and took a sip of ale
A sudden noise, made her turn her head
“Look at what we have here,” what of the Castle Men said
Filemma took in about five of the men there
Her power came to life, and she was quite aware
Part of her wanted to kill them, but she tried something new
Several ideas crossed her mind, and then her powers blew

So fast, that they hardly saw it coming
Some of the men didn't get far, when they were running
The bark from the tree came off, and intertwined them all
That's when she heard, it was Mesco's call
“They have me, but they think I'm alone”
“Good thing these dogs, have themselves a bone”
Filemma knew, there was a message there
Oh yes, he'll keep them busy, and I'll do my share
She kept a branch in her hand, as she walked ahead
Remembering some words, that her Mama said
“Sometimes there are things you'll have to do”
“You have the power within, it'll help you through”

“These were one of those times, I guess”
“Well, I'll just have to do my best”
She sat down by a tree, to meditate
Get in focus, but there was no time to wait
She realized with her gift, she was the friend of the tree
Using her powers from within, she would set her sister free
She put a few small sticks, up her sleeve
Tricks to help her plan, then she started to leave
She held one branch, to get her to the door
She'd be prepared, for whatever was in store
She practiced with the branches, a time or two
She was prepared, and she knew what to do

She watched the Castle, from the top of the hill
Everything seemed too quiet, eerily quite still
“They could have set a trap for me”
“I'll have to be cautious and see”
She was at the front door, ready for anything
Wondering what her entrance would bring
Small branches ready, she opened the door
Yet it was absent of life, just like before

“What could have happened here?”
Then she heard a small voice, whisper in her ear
“They were taken away, with creatures with skin of blue”
“The purple haired man tried to escape, but there was nothing he could do”
She looked up to see on her branch, a little yellow bird there
“I'm a Warbler, there's no need for you to stare”
“The Gitchies are close friends of mine”
“I knew trouble came, they sent me a sign”
Filemma had to know, “Can you describe these creatures of Blue?”
“They looked like giant bugs, there was nothing I could do”

“Call me Yarby, what do they call you?”
“Filemma,” she replied, as she thought of the bugs of blue
“I came from beyond the mountains, from the west”
Yarby chirped and said “That's where I use to have my nest!”
“Any idea Yarby, where those blue bugs took everyone?”
“I have an idea,” Said Yarby, “but it won't be any fun”
“They live a long journey away, in a giant Hive”
“Many times their hostages, are barely kept alive.”
That was all Filemma needed to hear
Just what she needed, more things to fear
“You've been to the Hive before?”
“Yes Filemma, but they don't use a door”
“Yarby, I think I need to get on my way”
“You won't want to come along, it'll take more than a day”
“I think you'll need me to come along”
“So you don't take any turns that are wrong”

It took a day and a half, when Yarby finally said
“It's not too far now, it is just ahead”
As they came closer, Filemma could see
Buzzing around the giant Hive, like a Blue Bumblebee
There were several of them, buzzing around the Hive
She was hoping, Mesco and her sister, were still alive
“The only way in, is the the way they fly out”
She'll have to be captured, without any doubt
“Yarby, I'm volunteering to be captured, and to be brought into the Hive”
“I have no plans to die, my plans are to stay alive”
Filemma spotted a branch, belonging to a nearby tree
She now knew their freedom, and what would be the key

She had mastered, the magic of the tree
Hoping her plan, would set them all free
Climbing wasn't something, she liked to do
Yet she had to climb, to make her plans come true
When she got to the branch, she had chosen to be
With a thought from within, it grew larger on the tree
Then the branch stretched, as if it was alive
Until the branch was over, the entry to the Hive
Directly over the hole, that would lead the way
She was just hoping, all would go okay
She had the branch, bring her through like a rope
Once she was inside, then she'd have to cope

These flying blue buzzers, saw her arrive
Attacked her, trying to defend their Hive
She pulled the small branches, out of her sleeve
As her eyes looked around, it was hard to believe
She saw Mesco, and her sister, up on the wall
And several others, she hadn't time to count them all
First she would have to stop the blue bees, who were now in a rage
It had come to her suddenly, these branches would build a cage
Next she had to get them, all into one place
Without them realizing that, that could be the case

She had them chase her, until there was no way out
They moved in much closer, until there was no doubt
She let loose the branches, and they formed a cage
She watched as the blue buzzers, went into a rage
She saw Yarby was there, pecking on the wall
Working her way, to releasing them all
Filemma went to the wall, helping each one down
That sticky stuff that held them, was a light brown
When Mesco came down, there was a smile on her face
“You've mastered the branches!” as he gave her an embrace
Her sister, Domina, with tears in her eyes
Was happy, that she didn't crystallize

She got down, and embraced her sister so tight
A kiss on her cheek, they were close to the same height
Then in the cage, a small fire built to a flame
In a puff of smoke, nothing was the same
Those flying blue bugs, had quickly disappeared
Their threat now, was nothing to be feared
They all made their exit, out of the Hive
Glad to know, they all remained alive
After a journey back to the Castle, they gathered by the Well
Everyone has so much to share, and so much to tell
As darkness arrived, and it became night
There came a glow, of a bright purple light
“Mesco!” Filemma smiled, “Why is your hair growing so bright?”
Mesco replied smiling, “It happens when I'm happy, and filled with delight”
Finally they all turned in, for they deserved a good rest
While Yarby sang in the distance, as she sat by her nest
©Jan 30 – April 12, 2017 Bud Lemire
                                         Author Note:
At a request from my Cousin Karen, she wanted me to write a story
poem. I had written some before, and she enjoyed them. So at her
request, I came up with this one. It's not always easy to write one
in a rhyming verse, but I think I didn't do too bad here on this one.
I hope you enjoy this, and please give me some feedback on it. Let
me know what you think, and if I should write more in the future.

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