Friday, September 1, 2017


Sometimes I think there’s no way out
Sometimes I think I’m stuck in a rut
Trapped in my head
Things that I’ve said
Sometimes I think there’s no way out

Sometimes I see the lines through the trees
Sometimes I shake when there’s no give and take
Waiting for a change
I hate the rearranged
Sometimes I feel trapped all over again

Anticipation shakes me to the core
Worried that anything could walk through my front door

Sometimes I see all the things that should be
Sometimes I cry without knowing why
Shaking and turning during the night
A minute later I’m fine and everything seems right
Sometimes I wonder If I’m losing the fight

Sometimes I think there’s only a one road
Sometimes I feel there’s nothing left to hold
Trapped in my mind
Each moment in time
Sometimes I’m strong, undivided and bold

©8/4/17 Bruce Clifford

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