Friday, September 1, 2017

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September 2017

““After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.” ― Oscar Wilde, (A Woman of No Importance)
Relationships, family, concerns, ideals--all of these and more will be found in this month's issue. From the columns and articles and poems arise a source of inspiration, perhaps a few laughs, more than a few tears if you are feeling sentimental. Sometimes one must just bury their worries and simply read for the pleasure of it. So here is where you can start.

Thomas F. O'Neill's column "Introspective" tells of the excitement abounding in China as they anticipate the new Spiderman: Homecoming film. Their own posters heighten these expectations though the scenes depicted will not, says O'Neill, actually appear in the movie.

Dayvid Clarkson ("Reflections of the Day") has three reflections included that speak of dreams, aspirations, bedtime stories and practicing kindness and being compassionate. His prose reads like poetry. Judith Kroll's column "On Trek" adjures readers to have a care concerning the bee's so threatened by the use of pesticides. She also closes her column with a dreamy visit.

"Armchair Genealogy" by Melinda Cohenour is shown with links to previous columns as a major household move has occupied both mind and body to accomplish. The same move of course has affected husband Rod Cohenour ("Cooking With Rod") so the same convenient links are shown in lieu of his recipe. Looking forward to both of them having spiffy columns for October. "Theatre, Taphophbia and Green Coffins" adds up to some interesting info and a few laughs in Mattie Lennon's column "Irish Eyes."

LC Van Savage ("Consider This") discusses "Fabrics and Cliches" for September. She has seen the poem "Cliche Detective" by your editor. She also has an article "A Girl Named Queenie" this month. The other article is "The Work That Keeps Me Going" by Barbara Irvin.

Two more poems written by Linnie Jane Burks--"Visitors to Louisville" and "To Mother at Stella Bullard's Death," carry the themes of friendships and family prevalent this month. Her mother, your editor's maternal grandmother, Carrie E. Joslin's poem "Our Herbert Boy" also has the response written by that Herbert.

Another sweet family poem by Lena May Joslin Carroll is titled "Just A'Bragging!" She authored many articles, mostly Bible studies -- she admired the apostle Paul -- and composed many poems, but this is understandably a favorite by your editor's mother.

Bud Lemire's three poems are "A World of Fantasy," "Captured Moments," and "I Love Asparagus." Bruce Clifford's poem "Bold" expresses the varied emotions many people feel occasionally but can't say it as well as he does. Phillip Hennessy submitted the just penned verse "It Ain't" via image of the page with it. Thanks, Phillipo.

John I. Blair sent these two: "Sunny Mornings" and "New Year." The latter made your editor think of the recent lunar eclipse which once over seemed to suddenly have renewed the world.

See you in October !!!

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