Friday, September 1, 2017

To Mother at Stella Bullard's Death

The Trumpet's loud sound was heard,
    The Reaper thrusts again his Scythe,
The circle of a life complete,
    "It is enough"--and she has died.

I knew her not by daily walk,
    We never laughed or chatted here,
Yet, she belonged with those I love,
    And now her memory is dear.

This day has passed with busy haste,
    But, interests, whether sad or bright,
All fade, for as I sit and muse,
    My Mother is bowed in grief tonight.

Oh, death, where is thy sting to hurt?
    For one with faith so clear and strong,
Tho' sorrow mingles with our tears,
    She is singing with a white robed throng!

©1953 Linnie Jane Joslin Burks
Editor's Note: Stella Lee Anice "Stell" Bullard
Birth 6 AUG 1881 • Jane, McDonald Co., Missouri
Death 15 MAY 1953

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