Friday, September 1, 2017

Just A'Bragging!

A mighty lovely family--the House of Carroll we be;
   There's Mama and Papa and Baby and Lady Bugs numbering three.
The Baby's Melinda Ellen, then Jacquelyn, Mary and Nee,
   Papa is known as John Edward, and Mama of course is me.
We're a mighty fine little family, as happy as happy can be.
   And rich--why let me tell you--we've lots can't be bought, you see.
There's Baby now, we wouldn't trade her for all the gold in the sea.
   And Jacquelyn, Mary and Noralee, worth their weight in diamonds they be,
And Daddy--well, Daddy's just Daddy and none is made better than he.
   And Mama, now Mama is different, but still I hardly see,
What all this lovely family would do--if there was no me!

©circa1948 Lena May Joslin Carroll

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