Friday, September 1, 2017

Captured Moments

There's a feeling, that comes to me
When I'm out in nature, with all I see
The special events, come and go
A holiday gathering, I just like to show
Aronson Island, is a very special place
If you could see the smile, beyond my face
The feeling, touches deeply my very soul
I just wish, you would understand and know

On a sunny day, I can be as busy as a bee
A captured moment, that means a lot to me
I take the pictures, so that I can share
With the many, because they can't be there

I also share this moment with you
Because it's something I love to do
It completes me, I feel at peace
To be among the Ducks, and the Geese

I'm not far, from the place where I live
These captured moments, is what I love to give
It touches upon who I really am
It helps me to give a damn
So I share it, touching as many as I can
It's only because, I'm that kind of a man
©July 1, 2017 Bud Lemire
                      Author Note:
If only you knew the feeling I get surrounded
by Nature's many creatures. These Captured
Moments, are to share, so you too can be aware.
Of all the wonderful things found, if you could see.
I also do it for those who are too far away to be here
to see for themselves. For those who can't get out of
their homes due to some health issue. Just knowing
how many people I touch, brings me another kind of
feeling. I also do it for myself, because of the joy and
the feeling I get from doing it. In the end, we are all
rewarded by what I do.

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