Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Don't Live With Regret

Don't Live With Regret
In a tangled up net
Of things you didn't do
You had to be you

 Don't feel bad, of choices you took
You traveled the pages, to make your own book
You had to experience, you had to explore
The journey of life, so you could become more

When you chisel a sculpture, it turns out alright
A lifetime traveler, is embraced by the light
The finished product, looks pretty good
Sometimes we ponder on the “If We Could”

The role that you played
Was how you were made
Chiseled, with every moment passing by
Turning out, as beauty to the eye

You are who you are, be proud to be you
The trials of time, is what you went through
You've learned about life, love, and much more
Became much wiser, with the burdens you bore
Never look back, to what could have been
You've mastered you, and that was then
©Oct 7, 2017 Bud Lemire
                     Author Note:
You can look back on your past and think of
things you could have done and didn't, or
things you did do, but shouldn't have. But
take a good look at yourself and who you've
become. Without those trials and experiences
you wouldn't be the YOU, that you are today.
From exploring life, you have had experiences.
From your experiences, you have learned so
much. You need not regret, be proud of YOU.

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