Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Suddenly - Ashley

Suddenly -- she's here.
Standing a bit hesitant.
Carefully drawing away--
Small wisps of windblown hair.
I draw near !
A bit insecure.
And then she turns.
I see her face.
My will is gone !
Without a trace.
This must be--
A life's sweet embrace.

Yet I must be bold.
Feeling so dreadfully old.
That face, that beauty, could enslave.
How easily, I could sell my soul. Now I'm brave.
Trying not to be a knave.
Just one look in those eyes.
And inward I cave.
A thousand nights
Could not hold the darkness!

A million stars could not reflect the light!
They hold all the emotions,
That could steal my might.
Anxiously I await.
Knowing the slightest touch
Could seal my fate!
The lips of a goddess
Whose kiss could not wait.
I fear there are others,
I must be, far too late.

And then she's gone!
Leaving me faint-hearted,
But filled with song!
A small flame flickers,
Where my heart belongs!
A wish upon heaven,
To see her again.
And instantly--I begin to wait.
And wonder how long?
Before this vision
Of loveliness returns,
Whilst timid heart yearns!
©circa mid 1980's Jacqui MacGibbon

First pic: Aunt Mary holding Ashley beside G'ma Jacqui MacGibbon aka K'am Treshelle; Second pic: Ashley at five.

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