Wednesday, November 1, 2017

On Trek

I haven't written much of late. Just seems like I lost my ability :) then I did this...


The Woman in the Moon

The soft whispers of the morning linger peacefully.
Quiet calm touches our earth home,
and gently reaches our souls.

We softly awaken to hear the bird songs,
the leaves falling with a tuneful grace.

Women Arise
Women are the quiet warriors who peek thru
the hazy parts of life and share their worth.
No More
No more stifling of the mind
No more stifling of the soul
No more stifling of the heart

Women are uniting in the unseen presence of Love.

Hurtful disrespect is tolerated no more
Sexual harassment is tolerated no more

All women are created equal with Women
All women are created equal with Men

Women stand as an army spreading love thru-out the land

There is a woman in the moon too
She watches over for me and you
She shines her lovely light thru-out the night
Illuminating Love
So all humanity will do what is right----toward all!!

©10-18-17 Judith

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