Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Where Did The Time Go?

Everyone at one time or another, knows someone in a Nursing Home
The reasons could be dementia, an illness, or not wanting to be left alone
It's hard to believe, but one day it might happen to you
And you'll be wondering, where did the time go to

 Get everything out of life, while you're in your prime
Because before long, you'll find you're out of time
We are mortal, we age as time travels pass
Our lives are precious, it goes by very fast

Nap time can come at any time, in a wheelchair
In the Dining room, or almost anywhere
“I would like a visitor, maybe a game or two”
“Sitting here like this, there's nothing I can do”

“I forget where I am, is there somewhere I need to be?”
“Sometimes I can't hear, sometimes it's hard to see”
“I can't make sense of everything, but I'll give it a try”
Give me a push somewhere, if you are passing by”

When you get old, it isn't any fun
Knowing, that our life is almost done
You'll be asking the question, that others still don't know
The years have passed on by, where did the time go
©Oct 21, 2017 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
We normally go through life, just living it. Never thinking
that one day we will be old and be frail and lose some of
our senses. But it happens to us all. Sometimes an illness
will take us away. It happens to many of us, for we can not
cheat time. Time waits for no one. It happens, and we as
mortals, must mature and grow old too. But how we treat
those who are much older than we are, is how we want to
be treated when we are old and need the understanding
that they need.

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