Sunday, April 1, 2018

Grandma's Funeral

They came to her Funeral, for the final farewell
She's gone to Heaven, after going through hell
The one person she loved, just wasn't there
She didn't realize, she was unaware

How could she know, her Grandma never died
Her soul is in a universe, that is very wide
Although in physical form, she wasn't here
If she listened closely, to the whisper in her ear

“Dear sweet Granddaughter, if only you knew”
“I'm with you often, the afterlife is true”
“Shed those tears, that I see are falling”
“The Angels guided me, and I heard them calling”

“How can I make you, understand this”
So the Grandmother in spirit, gave her a kiss
She looked around, but didn't feel any fear
As she wondered about, what had happened here

It was a strong tingle, she felt it all at one time
But she knew for sure, she wasn't losing her mind
As she looked around, without even a word
“I'm always with you” was what she heard
©Mar 22, 2018 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
When our loved ones pass away, we miss their
physical presence. But they are always around
and know exactly what we are going through.
Their love for us never ends, just as our love for
them never ends. We have their love for an eternity,
just as they have ours.

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