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The Other Side of the Immortal Coin

      When a loved one passes over to become a spirit, invisible, in the realm of the universe, something we should keep in mind is their thinking is now very different than ours.

      My dad built his home and loved his property, his neighbors, and living there for 48 years gave him love and fulfillment of his life. You could say he was very much attached. It was like he was planted there with roots just like all his beautiful trees he adored. He loved his John Deere tractor,sooo much, I often thought he would have wanted that for his headstone!

      Daddy loved life, living, laughing, and he was connected to all in such a wonderful way. He passed in 2015. I wondered how he would react leaving his home to move into hospice. My brother walked him to the car, they were talking, Dad got in the passenger seat, and they drove out of the driveway, for my dad's last time, and daddy never looked back Russ said.

      Later,I was with dad in hospice, and he kept saying, I just want to experience the whole journey. Which he did.

      Watching and being with Pop till the end, I had observed a lot, and wanted to share how they truly feel on the other-side. Being a medium, I have talked to many that passed over, and their thinking is so different than ours here in the physical

      We constantly beat ourselves up over our own thinking. For example; We might say I know Dad is upset with me because I didn't do this..or that.. On the other side they don't think like that. When leaving here it is like the curtain dropping after a play. The play is over..,time to go home.

      Everyone played their parts well, it was great. Moving right along with the flow of the universe.

      At one point he asked me what I thought it was like after he passes, I said, “Dad, what do you think?”

      He said, very clearly, “I will become one with the universe." He raised his arm, twirled his hand around a few times with his finger pointing upward, and said, "ZIP..." moving his arm upward as he spoke. I couldn't have said it better myself.

      Those that pass with a healthy attitude of life, don't fear anymore. That in itself is huge. No fear. Wow. They no longer worry. They do think about their loved ones here in the physical, but they let us live our lives. They want us to know they are OK, they love us, and to enjoy our days here on earth. Find your joy and happiness, that is what makes the light glow brighter on the other-side of the Immortal coin. Love never fails.

      Judith 3-4-18

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