Friday, March 1, 2019

On Trek


When you look at me what do you see?
I remember when it was just WE
No one else was in the world...
we were a world of our own.
Eyes for you,
eyes for me,
life was ours,

Then you found someone new..
younger, cuter,
full of life,
as I was once upon a time.
I was yours
you were mine.
Eyes for you,
eyes for me,
life was ours,
My only “fault”
was growing old,
where love should prosper
not grow cold.

I still thank the stars that we had met,
still many memories linger..yet.
They make me smile,
I learned from you,
you learned from me
Life was ours.
For those moments
©3/2012 Judith Kroll


I miss that smile on your face--it's true.
I listen for a joke to come out of the blue.
The stories you told to teach lessons of life;
Your after shave smell-- that good Old Spice;
The knowledge you shared to help lessons be learned;
Your hard work ethics that we all have earned.
Memories pile up when I focus on you.
Yes, 69 years each other we knew.
I thank you for your visits since the day you gently passed.
I am happy you are happy with last.
Thinking of you, Pop.
Love, Judy

©1/26/'19 Judith Kroll

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