Friday, March 1, 2019

Through the Alphabet

Through the alphabet I stumble
     Where my mind will often tumble
Choosing words that twitch my tongue
     Forming phrases that keep me young

For creativity is the key
     That holds away eternity
And gives purpose to each day
     As quietly I pursue my way

Guiding myself out of the dark
     Where my mind is prone to park
And indulge itself in grief and tears
     That could evolve into deeper fears

But closing that door, looking up
     Can soothe my soul as if t'were a cup
Filled to the very brim with smiles
     Can bolster my spirit for many miles

So it's really up to me
     Where I set my thoughts free
Whether in laughter and in joy
     Or with some deep grief I deploy

Up, sad soul with memories bleak
     Let happiness have time to speak
Let wonder return like a child's hope
     If I'm to learn new ways to cope

Let the ecstasy of just being
     The ebullience of seeing
Register on the plus side
     As imagination roams wide

Be within the moment, the hour
     Always the sweet, never the sour
Grateful for what has been
     Just living the life I'm in.

©Feb 27, 2019 Mary E. Adair

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