Friday, March 1, 2019

To Virginia

There are so many things I'm thankful for
     In this grand world of our's;
The soft, white snow, the gentle rain,
     The birds, the trees and flowers.

I'm thankful for the many friends
     I've met along life's way;
I'm thankful for their deeds of love
     And the words they've had to say.

I'm thankful for one special friend
     Who means so much to me;
A friend that I can always trust
     And she will faithful be.

I've tested and tried her friendship
     In many and various ways;
And she has proved to be my friend
     Through dark and sunny days.

It was springtime when I met her
     This girl I wish you knew;
With her sunny disposition
     And her friendship firm and true.

I loved her that first day we met
     I love her still the same;
She has made my life much happier
     Virginia is her name.

©October 1945 Carrie E. Joslin

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