Thursday, August 1, 2019


She’s speaking to me all the time,
She, her sister, and her cousin,
Using the only words they have.

She speaks not only with her mouth
But with her entire body,
Twisting it this way, that way,

Waving her tail around,
Punching her head
Into my willing side.

I don’t know what she’s saying,
Or at least I’m seldom sure, yet
I think I understand the basics:

Some directed toward
How I rub her ears, her neck,
Some a choice of snacks.

To be fair, I too am speaking
With my mouth
And with my body;

Caressing hands,
Curved back,
Crooning voice.

We’ve been doing this for years;
Our two species for millennia;
No major breakthrough yet.

But I think we manage
Well enough
For our purposes and needs.

©2019 John I. Blair, 7/6/2019

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