Thursday, August 1, 2019

You Don’t Want Your Picture Taken

So you don’t want your picture taken
No worries, it’s not my camera you’d be breaking
Are you so caught up in your self-ego
Yet there are some other things to know
We want the picture we take of you
So we can look back on someone we knew
Try to see it from our point of view
We love you enough so we need one of you

You’re part of the family, and you’re a friend
And when it comes time for your life to end
We can look back with happy memories
Of a special person with wonderful stories

It’s not all about you, it’s about us
Giving and sharing, with a little trust
You don’t have to keep your own picture, there’s no pressure
But we’d love one to keep, because the one of you we treasure
Step outside worthlessness and see
You are part of this great family
So special and unique in your own way
In the family photo we’d like you to stay

So, you don’t want your picture taken
Think about the historic moment you’ll be making
Be a part, but don’t be apart
Everyone is their own work of art
©JULY 12, 2010 Bud Lemire
                           Author Note:
Each one of us are made special and unique,
so we aren’t the same. Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes
beauty can not be seen, but comes from the inside. Sometimes
life distorts our own view of ourselves, and
we find ourselves wanting to be left out of photos.
We must look at ourselves at these times, through the eyes of
the photographer. Why would they want a picture of me?
Could it be they see more to you than what you see as yourself?
I am sure they do. Look again at yourself, you were made to be special,
and that is how you became YOU.

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