Thursday, August 1, 2019

We Pause

We Pause,
For Thoughts…,of the Future, it seems,
For "possible Outcomes" and Beautiful Scenes,
Where the Victor retires, serenely, in Safety,
(though troubled, 'within'), Away, from the Crazy,
Away toward Sanity, so desperately expected,
as a suitable Prize, or Award, for existence,
in an Age of supposed Wisdom,
gained fruitfully and Gracefully,
from Generations Past, who Dared
to stake their entire Lives
and even Families, Friends
Forsaken, never, Well, Maybe,
Though not Forever,
and Ever, Amen….
On bright, sunny days, and wonderful nights
Our senses, amazed, such beautiful sights,
and Sounds, so enchanting, those colour-filled Dreams
and movie-star Images, such Bravery, screened,
within the multi-dimensional theatres of our Minds,
and the thunderous Applause of those we may have wished
some misfortune or other, to stumble upon the Humility
And the Humanity, Discovered, with Respectable Admiration
That when the "chips are Down", then, well at the very Least
Our Dignity remains intact, the frayed edges, of which
we tenderly flutter, like the white flags of surrender
against the Warriors, that we Imagine,
seeking our obedience to some Cause
to which we have small,
though truthful sympathy
For Ever, the Empathy,
Etching indelible scars onto Hearts,
Broken, into pieces held together only with the
Belief that Faith is the glue, the semen of the Gods, so
wondrously placed within the Womb of misconceptions,
fertilised with Courage and Trust, That, at the
END, the very, very end of our Life, we shall be
content the Achievements we Respected
(that, within the minds and the faces
of others, we detected
some kindness that we
for compassion)
were Honourable,
and Just..
©June 2009 Phillip Hennessy
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