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December 2019

“ “The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There's a kind of glory to them when they're all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.” —Andy Rooney, Andy Rooney: 60 Years of Wisdom and Wit .

December this year is not only marking the end of the year but the end of the decade and there is some talk of the uniqueness of it beginning on Sunday which it hasn't for over 800 years and we shall not live in this lifetime to see it happen again. Your editor's lifetime has seen many changes, tecnological advances, medical innovations, shopping online -- let's not go there as am just starting to breathe again since Friday.

Our columnists: Mattie Lennon -- "Irish Eyes," Judith Kroll -- "On Trek," Thomas F. O'Neill --"Introspective," Rod Cohenour--"Cooking with Rod," Marilyn Carnell -- "Sifoddling Along," Melinda Cohenour -- "Armchair Genealogy," have been here faithfully, a few of them for the last decade and longer. Salute the columnists!

Poems this issue include two from John I. Blair who has been under the weather "Golden Eyes" and "Confession;" Bruce Clifford also with two "She's Not the Same Girl" and "It's Not Like Me;" three by Linnie Jane Joslin Burks "My Resolution--A New Year--1986," "Warning," and "Two Thoughts on Time;" Bud Lemire's four poems are "My Life's Story," "A Tap on My Shoulder," "I Hear You," and "M&M." "My Mind Doesn't Need A Cane" by yours truly rounds out December's dozen.

In honor of the Christmas holiday, here is another of your editor's poems, one a bit more seasonal.
(Christmas at Noralee's 1997) Ring the bells and make Mary merry,
But please stay out of the cooking sherry!
Open the gifts and enjoy the party!
Laugh a lot and all eat hearty!
There's packages of things for the kitchen,
Even gifts for the garden ditchin'.
Choosing for pets out in the yard,
Seems like that wasn't very hard--
Bought each a bone made out of leather
And when they got it they didn't know whether
To play with it or just should look at,
But finally, they chewed it and really shook it!
Gifts for Grannie and the newest Babe,
Presents beneath the tree were laid.
All gathered 'round with smiling faces,
Yet, so excited none could stay in their places.
Name-calling is welcomed this time of the year
And everyone listens their name to hear.
Unwrapping trinkets, jewelry and such--
How did they know who wanted to touch
The fur of a Teddy Bear, or Pochahontas' hair,
Or the lace on the bonnet for the dolly to wear.
Pleasing others brings a happy smile--
And who cares that the unwrapping took quite awhile.
For Christmas with loved friends and family,
And passing around the gifts from under the tree,
Is contagious joy and pleasure divine,
Whether the gift being viewed is your's or mine--
We're all together to share this day--
And this is the favorite time-honored way
For there's so much love and appreciation
That's unexpressed during the year's aggravation.
But the caring is there, just under the skin,
And it comes to the surface bringing a grin
When the recipient opens ribbons the color of fire
Disclosing inside the special thing they desired,
And thought no one knew how they longed for this one--
So joy of both gifted and giver is part of the fun.
With carols of Christmas ringing in our head,
There's times that words just have to be said--
And now's such a time-- a moment sublime --
For I want all to know, I've had a wonderful time!
©December 1997 Mary E. Adair 
Dedicated to the memory of my sister Noralee Edith (Carroll)Crowson
(December 4, 1936 - March 1, 1998)

Michael Craner, our co-founder and webmaster, and barbeque master extraordinaire, is the key to our well being, our equilibrium, our dreams. Thanks again, Mike!
See you in January!
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