Thursday, April 1, 2021

Little Things


By Phillip Hennessy 


It's the Little things, that make me Think of You
It's those Little things that make me Smile, too.

Just today, I found that piece of paper
You wrote upon, then ripped up, later
It was a note to Me, I could tell straight away,
There was no Mystery, I knew what you'd Say

You were Leaving again, said you wanted Space
You'd start over the Same, in another Place
It was those little things, that I couldn't Do
Those little things, that meant so much to You

You gave a piece of your Mind, so Sincere
The piece you left behind, made it totally Clear
It was those little things that Made You Fear
That the Best place for you was Out of Here

Those little things, that We liked to Do
Those little things, made me fall in Love with you
Those little things that Broke us apart
Those little things Shine bright in my Heart

And now that you're gone, all I can Say,
Is I wish you were here, with me, today
Wherever you are, each time I think of You
It's those little things, make me smile, for You.

©March 02, 2021 Phillip Hennessy

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