Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Letter


By Phillip Hennessy 


I just wrote a Letter,
to say just how I feel
and now I read the words again,
it All becomes, so Real.

I don't feel any Better,
those thoughts are off my Mind
Because it Hurt so much to read,
My tears have made me Blind

I said that you're not Good enough,
for Anyone, to Love
you always Run, when times get Tough,
(and when Push comes to Shove).

All you had to Do, was Care,
and Love me, as I Am
it didn't matter Who was there,
this Life was all a Sham

So, as I read these Words again
a tear comes to my eye
Should I leave, or should I Stay
will This time be Goodbye?

I'm glad I read this letter
Before someone else could See
now, I'm feeling Better
for the Message, was for Me.

I Am good enough,
for someone to Love,
for someone Else, to Care
this letter made me realise
Love Starts Here,
(in Me)
not There.

©March 21, 2021 Phillip Hennessy

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