Saturday, May 1, 2021

Editor's Corner


By Mary E. Adair

May 2021

"Oh! That we two were Maying Down
the stream of the soft spring breeze;
Like children with violets playing,
In the shade of the whispering trees."

- Charles Kingsley

May: the month of my mother's birth, and seventeen years later on the following day she gave birth to me. Worthy of celebration, right? I cherish the many friends that I have known and loved who were also May born, Taurean or not, as many no longer walk this earth. Case in point, see the tribute, much of it in his own words, for Phillip Hennessy, born on the thirteenth of May and lost to us this past month. His final two poems, penned in April, are included in this issue, "Reasons Not to Do Things," and "Forever True." We stayed in touch via Facebook and messenger and it will be difficult to exist without his bright communications.

Other poems in this issue are "Reading the Morning E-Mail" by John I. Blair; "The Old Headquarters," "Judging People," and just in time for Mother's Day, "Letter to My Mother," by Walt Perryman; "In This Corner of the World," and "It's Not So Bad" by Bruce Clifford; and these four by Bud Lemire --"My Cghildhood," "The Tree of Life," "Rainbow Eyes," and "There's Always Good Things."

Melinda Cohenour, "Armchair Genealogy" is still processing moving problems, but in honor of Mother's Day, we encore her tribute to her mother, who happens to be your editor's parent as well. Rod Cohenour's column is an encore authored by the granddaughter of the late Leo C. Helmer, Andrea Heisler, with a delightful and easily done recipe for "Gravel."

Pauline Evanosky's column "Woo Woo" gives info on how becoming a psychic happens and Mattie Lennon, "Irish Eyes," gives us the info about Angela Burke and her Gateway Gifts.

Judy Kroll's column "On Trek" speaks of Divine Intervention. "View from My Back Steps" by John Blair who was fearful that most of his lovely garden perennials, shrubs, and bulbs had expired due to the unusually hard freeze suffered this winter, but was delighted to discover it wasn't all that bad.

Marilyn Carnell, "Sifoddling Along," speaks of her family history, regretting that she did not pay attention or gather facts as a youth, as so many of us fail to do. Thomas F. O'Neill in "Introspective" discusses the internet and the role it plays in education, plus some drawbacks when it is mis-used. 

To commenorate Memorial Day, here is one of your editor's poems.

Memorial Thoughts

Just before June holds sway
We honor those who've gone away
A special date, Memorial Day,
Not only for those killed in the fray.

We remember family and friends dear
And even men will shed a tear
For who can believe it's another year
Since those dear ones were still here.

We say the prayers and bow our head
In respect for all the Unknown dead
And few can remember what was said
Listening with hearts filled with lead.

Some will reflect on happier scenes
Yet support the loved one who closer leans
And know if we ever had the means
We'd spare them the pain that today gleans.

Yet somehow together we stronger feel
And there's a comfort in the trumpet's peal
And a promise to never forget we seal
Within our heart, as we reverently kneel.

So Ceremony surely has its place
Though tears may mark many a face
We know we still have time to race
With a bit of care and a lot of God's grace.

©May 29, 2006 Mary E. Adair

Mike Craner, Webmaster and co-founder of this eZine, who keeps this eZine functioning with his ingenuity and consideration, deserves bouquets of appreciation. Thanks, Mike!

We will see you in June!

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