Saturday, May 1, 2021

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

Divine Intervention

Finding myself seems to take forever. Breaking it down, year by year, experience by experience makes it fascinating.

Multitudes of memories, when recalled, put me on little excursions, day trips. My mind is wrapped around the positives, which I love. I personally tend to smother out the negatives, stomping on the spark before it turns into a bonfire!!

People have and continue to play a huge role in molding us. Likes and dislikes help us to weave into what we keep and what we discard. I knew people who were drunks. I, therefore, knew I didn't want to become a drunk. That didn't stop me from drinking at one point in my life, but it did help me from making that my career so to speak!!

On the other side of the coin, we see what we feel to be a happy person, and think, I wanna be like that..NOT knowing the shadows in their life that make them unhappy, but knowing happiness is a good goal.

Who I am is best said as I AM. We are all I AM. We have the power to BE, (State of Being) in the physical, not just the spirit.

Yes, every day I make changes in who I am becoming. I can feel love more, appreciate more, gratitude abounds. I feel and see, smell, taste, and touch with delight.

I want to live without judging and accept each soul I meet as they truly are, being the best they can with what they know now in their life. I have never seen a mistake in the sunsets, or rainbows, animals, and flowers. I shall see my fellow souls with that same purity.

Love, Judith. 4/27/21

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