Saturday, May 1, 2021

Woo Woo

By Pauline Evanosky

Becoming Psychic

In writing this column about life in the WooWoo lane or what being an ordinary psychic is like, I hope to show everybody what it is like for a person who was as ordinary as anybody else to the day that person started hearing voices. No, I do not have any specific psychological trauma, at least not any more than the next person, but what I hope to explain to you is what it is like to be an ordinary psychic.

I am 28 years into this “thing”. So, I have had time to get used to it. It happened when I was 35 years old. There was definitely a before and an after. It is different now for me than it was in the beginning. First, I had to learn about boundaries, relearn expectations about life and just generally get a handle on it. Was it weird in the beginning? Oh, yes. I felt like Dorothy in, “The Wizard of Oz.” for the first couple of years.

I learned not to blurt information out at every turn. Not everybody really wants to know what Spirits are saying. I also learned that psychics everywhere are only human and the information that comes through them in a reading will be colored by their own life experiences.

I learned from other psychics so getting readings from a variety of sources was interesting and I felt necessary for my own development as a psychic. Major Psychic Reader Rule #1 is nobody gets to know the time or manner of their own death, including other people. In the beginning, I did ask though. None of the Folk in Spirit I was talking to would tell me and like a whiney little kid, I kept asking. Then, one day somebody in Spirit said, “You are going to get hit by a Mack truck.” Shut me up. Fast. I’ve never asked since then and learned a big lesson that day. If you don’t get answers to a specific question right away, then maybe you aren’t supposed to know.

Becoming a channel involves a whole lot of introspective work. I had no idea that was going to happen. But it’s a good thing because it actually mirrors the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out”. Bluntly if you are out of tune with yourself you will be just as out of tune when you put on your psychic hat. I made a promise to myself when I began this journey that I would tend to my own emotional and psychological growth as best as I could so that I could be the best psychic I could.

I’ve also noticed that as I get older, I think I’m becoming a better psychic. So much of it involves people learning at their own pace and in their own ways. I remember once a lady kept peppering me for advice from the guides. Mostly, she wanted to know if her new marriage was going to be happy and last forever. The word I got back from the guides was no. I dragged my feet in giving her the answer because it was so blunt and I also did not want to get into an argument with her because at the time I was working with her and that whole scenario would have been unwelcome. What the guides finally said other than that bald no was for her to, “enjoy the ride”. I did tell her that and, in the end, it did end up being a wild ride for her. She never asked me again to read for her.

It helped as time went by and after I’d read a lot of books on the subject to get a better understanding of how stuff works.

You don’t have to be afraid to go to a psychic. What they say isn’t necessarily what is going to happen. It might be one aspect, one possible outcome to a situation. I remember once my guide said to me, “There are many ways to get to Cincinnati. You can walk, take a car, a train, a plane, or crawl on your hands and knees. The goal is to get to Cincinnati. How you get there is your business.” Is there a right way or a wrong way to do things?

Only if fire is involved. Sorry. One of the guides just said that.

You learn with everything you do. If it takes 10 tries to do something, in the end, you still did it. I remember when I quit smoking. I tried, it seemed to me at least 200 times over the years. Once, I had actually stopped smoking for 3 years and started up again only to quit again years later and it is true, the second time you quit is worse than the first time. But, the point is I felt like such a failure every time I tried to quit and it didn’t work. It wasn’t until I was smoke-free that I realized each one of those failures was a step in the right direction.

Something that did happen in having a connection with Spirit that was different for me from the “before days” was that not once since then have I ever felt lonely. Certainly, there are many times I find myself alone, but finding something to do or somebody to chat with has not been a problem.

They have always been there to console me after a mishap and during hard times.

Mostly what I’ve learned about being psychic is that it just enlarged the scope of my life. If you are inclined you can do so too.

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