Friday, October 1, 2021

Don't Change The Name!


 By Bud Lemire 


Don't change the name!
This isn't a game
Some stupid people are to blame
For stirring up people, as that was their aim

Just think, if we changed a name because someone got hurt
Many of our states would have to change, because of that blurt
Many of our names, were taken from elsewhere
In the hopes that we'd honor, names that we share

We use the names in honor, in all that we do
We take pride in each nationality, with all we've been through
They've become a part of us, in the lives that we are living
Don't take away the names, that to us once were given

My nickname is Bud, which refers to a potato or a rose
If you take away the names, then anything goes
I think it's wise, to keep things as they are
We've been happy and content with them, so far

When you think of changing a name, use wisdom here
We'd start and never end, to many things we hold dear
Just think about where you live, and how it got its name
By changing it to something else, it wouldn't be the same

©Sept 26, 2021 Bud Lemire

                      Author Note:

Some very ignorant people weren't thinking when they wanted
to change the name of something. Just think if someone decided
to change Escanaba, because it is a Native American name. I am
sure the Native Americans are proud that we honor them by using
a name in their language. As does everyone else. America became
America because of the Nationalities that make up this great nation
. Be proud of your nationality and all the names that make it what it is.
No offense needs to be taken.

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