Friday, October 1, 2021

Good Morning


By Marie Stringile 


I was up this morning
Before the sun even began to stir
When the sky was still full of stars
And the moon, bright
It was quiet
So very quiet
And I stood alone with myself
And my thoughts
While the cool of the air
Blushed my cheeks
Are you going to be alright?
I asked myself
Should be
I replied
Let me just stand here
A little while longer and breathe it all in
The cool brisk air
With the scent of winter on the breeze
The starlight, the moonlight
And the idea that anything and everything is possible
And when the sun begins to rise?
I asked
Will the wonder of here and now disappear?
I thought about that
As I stood
In the dark shine
Of early morning
On the cusp of a day
Yet born
Only if I let it
I replied.

©September 2021 Marie Stringile

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