Friday, October 1, 2021

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

What does she WANT me to do?

A desperate woman who recently lost a close relative asked the above question. She was feeling guilty and in tears.

When someone we love dies, they immediately become pure spirit energy. Invisible. Here we are physical, upon death we become invisible. We are back to our original makeup. We come to earth on our own free will, and then transform back to what we truly are.

An invisible person needs what? Can you think of anything an invisible person would need? Want? Desire? Demand from you on earth?

I know of one thing. They WANT us to be happy. They know this life is temporary, and that we will be together again. Unconditional love is what they have, and they Want us to be truly happy. Yes, it might take time as we are human.

They do NOT want us to feel guilty in any way because they no longer think the same human way. They ARE unconditional love, therefore, they don’t hold grudges, etc. They do NOT judge, hate. They ARE love.

Dump the guilt when someone dies. Dump the hate self attitude. Work on being better humans in the future, so we don’t feel regret or guilt. Know in our hearts all is as it should be, and the universe loves us.
Judith 9/8/21

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