Friday, October 1, 2021

Rambling On about God, You, and Me


 By Walt Perryman 


I am rambling on about God, you, and me.
It may not make sense but read it and see.
God works in our lives in ways beyond our comprehension,
And his magnificent accomplishments fail to get our attention.

It seems some never notice a beautiful sunrise or a sunset,
They happen every day and they have not seen one yet.
The seasons come and the seasons go year after year,
And many never noticed they are gone or was ever here.

Many people go through life without knowing God at all,
Some people bounce back and forth like a tennis ball.
There are some that seem to know God from the start,
And they go through life loving God with all their heart.

Then there are the people that find God along the way,
They study the bible and try to learn a little every day.
When we have a near death experience, we promise God a lot.
When we don’t die a few keep their promises, but most do not.

Some people find God and a life of contentment and love,
However, for most people it sometimes takes all the above.
That is all my thoughts on God and how some people do.
I believe I know where I am on this list, do you?

©August 2, 2021 Walt Perryman

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