Friday, October 1, 2021

Editor's Corner


By Mary E. Adair

October 2021

“October, tuck tiny candy bars in my pockets and carve
my smile into a thousand pumpkins....
Merry October!"”
— Rainbow Rowell

October arrives on a weekend which almost shouts "Time to Party!" Time for planning ahead so pumpkins can be found and Jack o'lanterns created. Halloween costumes can be a big decision because creativity must meet budget requirements, but must be worthy of providing satisfaction or a startling surprise. A holiday not just for kids, but one to exercise one's imagination.

Only one author sent something that could make one think of that annual Scary Day, with Pauline Evanosky's column "Woo Woo" relating her one Ghost Busting job. John Blair's "View from My Back Steps" presents an informative treatise for identifying North Texas trees. Melinda Cohenour delivers details on how one can use the internet, specifically to fill out a person's genealogy tree using info with DNA and Shared Matches.

Dayvid Bruce Clarkson's "Reflections of the Day" flows right off the page and into one's heart. He has such a charmiing way of making a point or sharing his thoughts. Judith Kroll's column "On Trek" is thought provoking as she tells how some people when grieving feel guilty not knowing what their loved one expects of them now.

Mattie Lennon (Irish Eyes) reviews two books by Michael Gerard Kenny, telling about the author's life and occupation (other than writing) and adds facts about Kenny's father who inspired him. Marilyn Carnell (Sifoddling Along) subtitles her column this issue as The Original Pineville which she says was once rather rough and woolly.

Thomas O'Neill (Introspective) was recently interviewed on the Sam Lasante TV show about his teaching in China. He shares the link to hear the YouTube interview. Rod Cohenour (Cooking with Rod) Brings to the table his innovative recipe for Rod's Tamale Pie which will bring you to the table to enjoy.

Dayvid Bruce Clarkson also has a poem this month, "Time to Head for The Dreamscape." Marie Stringile consented to share her poem "Good Morning" Her first appearance in this eZine. Check out her bio. Yours truly adds "Pain" to the poetry segment, an extract from the 2003 article "Tribute of a Patient."

"Bud Lemire's poems for this issue are "Don't Change the Name," "Behind The Old Jailhouse," and "A Country Song." John I. Blair sent one poem, "Unwelcome Immigrants" that will make you consider your feelings. Bruce Clifford shares two of his titled: "I Can't Imagine" and "Make Some Sense." Walt Perryman's three poems are "A Woman's Hands," "Tom Murray," and "Rambling On about God, You, and Me."

Saying again, Mike Craner and wife Susie, dear friends, support and assist in our efforts to keep this informational and entertaining publication viable despite the many demands, business, family, and personal in their lives. I admire and bless them every day. Thanks, Mike, for keeping our pencilstubs perking along.

We will see you in November!

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