Friday, July 1, 2022

Does Love Whisper?


By Judith Kroll

A pregnant woman feels the butterfly-like tickle in her womb.
Love is whispering.
The day is quiet, the trees are swaying, and you can actually hear the leaves fall
Love is whispering
. A baby kitten purrs sitting on your lap. Stretches and yawns
. Love is whispering.
You meet a stranger in the grocery store, your eyes lock, you both smile.
Love is whispering.
To hear, and feel the love whispering, one must listen.
The waterfall never stops whispering,
Do we ever stop listening?
Sunrises, and sunsets, clouds floating above,
Sun shining, and rain drops falling,
Yes, love is always whispering.
The gentleness of nature surrounds all of us.
Stop and hear the whispers.

©5/29/22 Judith Kroll

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