Friday, July 1, 2022

Woo Woo

By Pauline Evanosky

The Grass Might Look Greener

I don’t know about you but for me, the grass in the next field over has always been greener. It’s almost like I could not be satisfied with where I was in life at any point along the way. I think I will be working on that one until the day I die.

I can remember, as a kid, my mother expressing disappointment with where other people were in life and whatever it was they were doing. The lesson that I took away with this point of view was that I should not do what they were doing. Also, whatever I did wasn’t likely to end up well.

It was unfortunate that many women she pointed out to me had horse teeth. I wasn’t sure what to do with that one other than, to maybe, not complain when I went to the orthodontist. I have lovely straight teeth now and am pleased to have them.

However, it turns out I do have horse teeth. I discovered this when a root canal went bad twice. The dentist discovered the roots of my teeth extend so far up that their x-ray machine just couldn’t take a picture of them. I had to go to a specialist because of my horse teeth. Somebody said to me I was more likely to keep them because the roots were so long.

As a child, I never reckoned the cost of anything. Now, as an adult, I know orthodontia is expensive. My sister did not have any orthodontic work done. I don’t know why, but she seemed to blame me for it. Not having a specific memory to fall back on I don’t know why she feels that way. I do remember my brother Michael getting work done. He got to wear some sort of external neck brace sort of contraption. I also remember flying rubber bands launched with our tongues from the complex arrangement of metal braces in our mouths, but I don’t remember if that was him or me doing it. Knowing Michael, it was probably him. But the idea that my sister is or was jealous of me makes me think that the lessons I learned were the same ones that she learned.

I can remember my father making scathing remarks about other service members who took part-time jobs selling insurance. He thought it was disgraceful. Those families also got to take vacation trips. We didn’t do that. He was an Army guy through and through.

So, these are the lessons instilled in me as a young girl. Always watch out for people with bad teeth and don’t take second jobs. I’m not sure if that was what my parents had intended, but it resulted in me, for many years, being jealous of other people for the things they had and being very judgmental about life and the people in it.

I remember as a high school student realizing that was pretty much everything that my parents talked about. It disturbed me and I would usually go back to my bedroom to read and leave them to their scathing remarks.

Perhaps if we have odd lessons instilled in us as children it is our job as we grow older to overcome those prejudicial ideas and find a new path as an adult.

It is hard. I’m not saying it is not. Many people are comfortable being what their parents told them to be, but somehow, I have always thought there was more. However, the members of my family still alive today are in disagreement with me to the point we don’t talk about much of anything anymore.

So, I think what I’m saying is because it is the middle of the year there is nothing to stop anyone from sitting down and having a good hard look at your life and what you expect from it.

Keeping a journal helps with this. Writing in a journal helps with just about everything but I have found through the very act of writing that you might be able to tease something loose from the warp and weft of your life to look at and think about and maybe, just maybe make a small change.

You might ask what any of this has to do with being a psychic? It has everything. Because everybody, in my opinion, has those abilities and to move from one place to a different place in your life it helps to stop comparing yourself with other people.

Whether you are psychic or not you will always have the opportunity to do better. You will always have the freedom of choice. If you want to hop, skip or jump over to that other patch of grass, don’t worry about it. Just try to be appreciative of where you are right now. Remember, all you can do is to keep trying.

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