Friday, July 1, 2022

Still Going Strong


By Mary E. Adair

I'm accused of being caustic
And not in the least serene
In defense, I need to explain
It's just a protection screen.

While Life continues at speeds
That are rather difficult to match
I struggle along incapacitated
By Dreams that failed to hatch.

Inconvenience by happenstance
Is just one of many excuses
For failing to accomplish miracles
Caught up in entangling nooses.

Yet I approach each new day
With plans that abound in Grace
And continue to accomplish much
'Though at my own little pace.

An attempt that is blessed
With cheery determination to win
And despite inadequate means
I continue my inspiration to spin.

So no, I'm not caustic or glum,
Nor giving up on too many Dreams.
I keep pressing on to the Future,
Still going strong, it seems.

©Jul 30, 2022

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