Friday, July 1, 2022

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

Once Spirits, Can We Be Punished

When we leave this earth most of us believe we go from physical to spirit. Visible to invisible. Limits to unlimited. etc. so if we are invisible spirits...what is left to punish? even burn? you can't destroy energy.

Now bear with me..

Perhaps, just perhaps, this life is not the real life.. It is like a dream, one we constructed while we were home..home meaning invisible, unlimited energy. Why would we do something so crazy? We have it all as spirits.

The universe has tons of evolving planets and peoples that look different than earth people. ECT. WE come here with our own free will. When we are finished here, we go HOME. back to spirit.

I have talked to, seen many who have passed, some thru dreams, some in my real time. Our pure energy spirit is still with us. a Higher self. for one, who helps us while we are here, and guides etc. I have met my guides, I believe I have seen my higher spirit self, but didn't know about higher self at the time.

What is left to punish when we instantly turn to invisible spirit energy. So then, we need open minds to know there is more to this life than meets the eyeball.
Love, Judith 6/30/22


My daddy was in hospice. He didn't know about life after death, and hadn't thought about it much, so he decided he was going to experience the whole experience of hospice.

He had a few visions while he was there, I was alone with him he called for me and looked out the window, and his eyes were twinkling, and he was smiling..all this time squeezing my hand.

When it was over, he said "Nirvana."

He had two when he and I were alone. Same reaction. He never said any more about them.

He said, "What is it like to die?"

I said "Want do you think? "This conversation was after the visions he had from the other side.

He said "I am going to become part of the universe." and he points upward and says "Zip."

My dad left his body before the body died. Talk about zip. So in reality he never died so to speak.

He died on 8 22 2015 AT 8 22 2:15. He did that on purpose. More to the story but he knew.

He had come to me several times... thru dreams, etc, and once he showed up in my living room. Yep.

One video he sent me in a dream was all my relatives who passed. They were alive and smiling, and they made themselves look younger LOL. What a treat that was. My one cousin jumped out in front of the "camera" or whatever they used on the other side and waved and said hello, Martha, my cousin. It was a heavenly treat.

I often wonder if they did that to daddy in the vision when he was in hospice. No death, just life, and pure unconditional love.

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