Thursday, September 1, 2022

Reflections of The Day


By Dayvid Clarkson

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Yes, I took a break.

My purpose in life is to create a positive environment to share with Family and Friends. Over the last 6 months, my environment has not been the most positive.

Prostate cancer diagnosis March 2022 and at the same time my GP retired and no replacement. This created a situation of being in limbo with no clear direction or treatment.

Two weeks ago I was ‘re-assigned’ a GP. This in and of itself was an incredible blessing. She took charge and assembled a team for treatment. At the same time, the BC Cancer Society assigned me an Oncologist who really connected with my GP. We now are moving forward with a treatment program. I am now out of that ‘limbo’ stage. Things are really looking up.

Why did I take a break? Why did I not share what was going on?

As much as I want to create a positive thoughtful environment I did not want to involve others in a negative experience. Life is a difficult journey at best and I did not want to add emotional baggage to my Family and Friends. Where am I now? Reflecting on my journey, time to understand the lessons and let go of the past. And above all else to appreciate the Family and Friends that have been there for me. I take ownership of my journey so please understand my journey is my journey and not yours.

If my reflections assist you in understanding your journey then my course is clear. Thanks for your understanding and patience. So it is time to grab your helmet, get your crayons, and hop on the little bus we still have a wonderful journey ahead of us.
Dayvid, August 25, 2022

Reflections on the Day; Feeling blessed with more than enough. Thank you to everyone for the Well Wishes. It is encouraging to know that folks read the stuff I write and actually like it. Some even look forward to my nightly posts. I am left very sated yet with childlike giddiness. Think I will be tugging at Grand Mother Moon’s skirts and teasing the Elders this eve. What I wish is that each of you has just enough. Haven’t run out of magical wands yet so please accept this;
May the Creator bless us with the means to live well.
May we find what we are seeking.
May we be able to help others in need,
May we learn to live without the unnecessary.
May we demonstrate kindness and compassion each day.
May our community benefit from each other's generosity
May we share each other's burdens.
May there always be just enough.
So mote it be.
Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.
Deep humble bow.

Everyone can understand from natural experience and common sense that affection is crucial from the day of birth; it is the basis of life. The very survival of our body requires the affection of others, to whom we also respond with affection. Though mixed with attachment, this affection is not based on physical or sexual attraction, so it can be extended to all living beings without bias.

Sitting on the front steps watching the clouds roll by in the reflections on the lake. The trees stand in the shadows wearing their forest green cloaks and the night is still. I start to laugh and I laugh so hard that tears stream down my cheeks. Who am I to figure out this great mystery? It is absurd. We read we search, we listen, and we seek the answers. We chase dreams and aspirations as we mistakenly think we can control the outcomes. Like a dog chasing its tail. The quiet voice of an Elder comfortably enters my thoughts. “All that is expected and all that is required is to simply live a kind and compassionate life. Do not waste time coveting something that you have been taught to yearn for. Stop trying to be someone the world taught you to be. Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, and have few desires.”

I am grateful for the Elder’s words. This eve I will take the lessons of the day to my resting there to absorb and cherish them. Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.


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