Thursday, September 1, 2022

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By Pauline Evanosky

Ups and Downs -- Just Get Back On Again

Even though I am a channel I don’t get any special breaks. Granted, life as a channel is a lot different than it. Okay, so, yes, I will allow that my dreams are different. Aside from that, I think I am pretty much the same. Although, I don’t suppose you have conversations with dead public figures as their deaths are announced on television.

Do you know something I’ve never figured out? It’s why I cry so easily. It’s not an “Oh, woe is me” sort of crying. It’s more like a big sympathy cry. Only I don’t know why because dead people are pretty much okay with their lot in life. I just have never figured that one out unless it is an empath sort of complication. That’s where you can really feel what somebody else is feeling. Or, perhaps it is just that the energy of channeling is sometimes a little overwhelming. In any case, it’s a mystery.

I don’t consider dead people to be dead. To me, they are just continuing their life someplace else. I’ve heard from too many of them not to believe it. They do get sort of faint and what almost sometimes seems to be disinterested as time goes on. Why that is I’m not all that clear about. Maybe it’s how I’m approaching them. Maybe they’ve moved on and I’m really only talking to the fringes of the crowd.

Maybe it would be like a mountain talking to me. That was in my pre-channeling days, but still, I am no different from anybody else. Cut me and I bleed.

I haven’t spoken Mountain in a long time. There are people who speak Mountain or Nature if you will. I don’t. I think I would be arrested by the plant kingdom for killing so many plants over the years. I think they are called Divas. There is a land mass in Northern California and another around LA. I’m sure they are all over the place.

Remember the Chiffon margarine commercial on television about not fooling Mother Nature? Yeah, like that.

Deaf in one ear and can’t hear out of the other. Somebody in Spirit just said to me, “You try.”

What I’m talking about is the human condition of ups and downs. We have biorhythms that are sort of complicated on the one hand and not complicated on the other if you understand mathematics. Which I don’t. Different aspects of your human beingness are tracked in sine waves. The basic three are physical which is 23 days, emotional which is 28 days, and intellectual which is 33 days.

If you’d like to have a look at your own visit, find the biorhythm section and plug in your birth date. They ask for your name but you don’t have to put that in there. Just remain anonymous. The default reading is 28 days long though if you choose you can get a reading that is 56 days long. There is what is called the critical point of the graph which is the midpoint.

What goes up always comes down. All the lines start together the day you are born. The issue with the critical point is sometimes stuff happens when all the lines go through that middle point. It gets really critical when all three lines of emotional, physical, and intellectual all cross at the same time.

This happened to my husband, Dennis, when he broke his back. He didn’t hold with the system, thinking it was all that woo-woo stuff, until I presented him with the evidence a few years after it happened. It did not occur to me to even look at the time of his accident. We had so many other things on our minds then.

So, the deal, if you are paying attention to your biorhythms, is to go on vacation when everything is sort of up or heading that way. Buy a lottery ticket on those days. Have surgery done when your physical lines are low so that your recovery is swift with the upward movement of the physical wave.

Mostly, I don’t go to the biorhythm calculator much anymore. Hey, what goes down has to come up eventually, doesn’t it? Blue skies and all that?

The times have been tough for everyone in the last couple of decades. These times seem even tougher with war, Covid, Monkeypox, climate change, and social unrest. It’s just tough. We have to live through it and somehow, we need a way to stay cheerful.

What is rather interesting, though, is yesterday I was moving our television around to get to the DVR box from our Internet/TV provider. We just switched to a different carrier a couple of weeks ago. I had been pushing myself to gather up the previous provider’s equipment in the study and the living room so I could return it. As I angled to get past our television to access the DVR box the TV crashed forward and broke. It would no longer turn on, but oh! Nelly! were there a lot of cracks spread across the surface of the screen. A couple of hours later on I thought to look at my biorhythms. Two of them, the emotional and physical lines were low and getting lower. The Intellectual was pretty high.

Had I known this was going on I might have not pushed myself as hard to get the job done or, at least been a little more cautious. I wouldn’t say you should live your life according to what your biorhythms say, but it is interesting to have a look after momentous happenings.

I hope that if you’ve had a spot of the doldrums, you are able to get back on the horse again and ride some more. Just do the special stuff. Forget about cleaning the house. There will be time for that later. If you want to go sit outside and drink tea, do that. If you want to go for a short walk, do that. For certain, take a big, deep breath of air. And every morning when your feet hit the floor as you get out of bed say this: It’s a great day.

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