Thursday, December 1, 2022

My Ears


By Bud Lemire

My eyes see, everything that my ears can not hear
I just wish I could hear, so there wouldn't be a tear
I'm strong, I've endured a lot, and I'll survive
I've learned through life, things I need to stay alive

My world is so quiet, I can't even hear an alarm at all
It does no good to answer the phone, when you call
Things people take for granted, I cherished every day
Now I live without sound, It's been taken away

My ears are for decoration, because now they don't work
Sounds may be for others, for me they don't lurk
Sometimes I can read lips, if their speech is plain
If they talk too fast, it is like the pouring rain

I miss the company of the spoken voice
The loss of hearing gave me no choice
I search within, to remember how you sound
It's not the same, I wish my hearing could be found

I live within the silence, with quiet as my friend
I long for the sounds, and wish this would end
I'll live in this world, but I'll keep hoping too
That I'll be able to hear again, just like you

©Nov 4, 2022 Bud Lemire

                       Author Note:

Living in a world without sound is so very quiet
and lonely. The comfort of a friend is either in
person, or words on a screen. It's not the same.
Being in the dark you think would be great if quiet,
but it's very scary. Crossing the street by myself,
shouldn't be scary, yet it is. I fear my own company
at times. Nothing is the same, everything has changed.
Because my ears can not hear.


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