Thursday, December 1, 2022

My Parents


By Lena Carroll

(Previously published in Hobbies, Etc.,
parent publication of Pencil Stubs Online.)

My parents came to see me
No cup my joy could hold
For it’s a trip, you see
They’d not made before.
Twelve happy years of wedded bliss,
Four little girls to give us joy;
I’d had a visit from my one and only sis,
My brother also to Texas came
And stayed too short a while.
But, a visit from Dad and Mother
A wistful dream had become.
Until that happy day that I heard,
“We’re leaving the 20th,
Just dropped you a word.’
And so they came to see us
A few short days they stayed.
But all too soon I heard the words,
“Goodbye--we will try to come again.”

© circa 1946 Lena May Carroll


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