Friday, July 1, 2011


By Phillip Hennessy

When you are used to Nothing,
And Nothing, is a Place
Then all you have to do, is leave
And wear a happy face

When you are not supposed to,
and we are not Allowed to,
Then any way,…it’s OK
There will be - another day

When the time is Right, you know
That’s how it’s supposed to go
For there’s no time like here, like Now
Cause it don’t matter where, or How

No matter what you came for
You ‘Get it’, at the End
You’re goin out the same door
There’s no more time to spend

Treat every day, like it’s your Last
‘cause one day, you’ll be Right
somehow, someway, it’s in the Past
you’re here, today, and shine so bright

Remember to be Gentle
In everything you do
The crazy’s not so mental
When all comes good for you

©2011 Phillip Hennessy

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