Friday, July 1, 2011


By M. Jay Mansfield

The Brother of the fiery phoenix
Flying slowly across the sky
His flaming violet and golden wings
Curling gently as he glides by

Even through the beautiful heat
The sharp metallic feathers can be seen
Razor sharp talons made for battle and meat
His peaceful gaze always vigilant and keen

He is the epitome of war and peace
An ancient warrior, brand new again
Born to love unto death is the least
Willing to suffer toil and surrender to win

He is full of love and sweet energy
And yet vengeance rolls gently in his currents as well
Sparks showering from him at his flights apogee
He rolls through the air with the grace of the oceans swell

Oh he knows heartache deep as well
He’s battled lovers and demons barbs
But he would never burden you and tell
The love he carries, so great, heals the wounds

Instead of dwelling in this land on old pains
He takes the love abroad to give and share
He gives the light he knows and not for gain
This is what he loves, it’s how he cares

So look up into the sun and you may see
His flaming wings slice the sky without a sound
A violent beautiful ghost that makes you forget to breathe
A simple brother of the phoenix being what he must be

©6-24-11 MJMansfield

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