Friday, July 1, 2011


By M. Jay Mansfield

It had hissing eyes and a quiet maw of a mouth..
It’s back twitched and it’s tail was perfectly still
It’s blue black fur glistening in the light
It’s eyes seem to try to control me draining my will
of all the things I had never seen
I knew this is what death looked like….

I wrapped myself in the knowing
I call you out beast, come to me,
With that the beast paused
and I found that it could taste pain

We began to dance
That beast feeding on fear
and I feeding on pain
I held my hope tight and near
drawing him in, to me

I wrap myself in the knowing
I own you beast come to me
And in haste and fury he clawed
and he found more than he could see

We continued to dance
A tight spiral of fear
an ever expanding field of pain
I held my quarry nearer
and he slowly fell to me

Yes, I knew what death looked like
He is cold and breathless
His hiss long gone and stale
His coat my shelter

Yes, I know what death looked like.

©5-2-11 mjmansfield
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