Friday, July 1, 2011


By M. Jay Mansfield

This feeling that belongs to you
It grows and washes over me
Sweet surrender doesn’t do it justice
Your sweet love rescues me

When I’m dragging me down.
Wave after wave of my doubts
You throw me that life line
And it’s so clear that it won’t run out

This heart of mine that is yours
I give it all to you with no reserve
Every bit of me knows your sweetness
Twice what I give is what you deserve

These feelings that are for you
They drown me in your beauty
No other place I would ever want to be
Going down and it’s a beautiful reality

When you say "mine" I know it’s true
How I was ever anyone else’s is a cruel joke
Arms open to my Goddess waiting for her
This sweet love is more than a boy could hope

©6-22-11 MJMansfield

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