Thursday, December 1, 2011

If I don't Make it

By M. Jay Mansfield

If I died tonight
Would you still think of me tomorrow
Would you remember all the sweet things that we said
And forgive all the bad ways that I did

If I was struck
Would you remember the tears I cried while missing you
Would you look back and see all those smiles you've given me
Could you remember that I Love you

You think me silly because I beg
If we do not talk a day
Do you realize the terror
That fills my heart when you are away

If my body gave way
And the me I am was gone
Would you hold my hand
And walk me home

Because it means the world right now
Will you listen to my words
Listen to each heart felt stutter
Listen and know Today I love you Even More

©10-28-2011 MJMansfield

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1 comment:

  1. Jay, parts of this poem brought tears to my eyes. You consistently write some of the most powerful stuff in Pencil Stubs. Keep 'em coming!
    John B.