Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angel Whispers

By Peg Jones

Five keys to Angelic Empowerment

From the time, I was a young child, I knew about Angels. My mom would read us stories about our angels and we would have long discussions about our Guardian Angels. I believe at that time, I was very close to my angels, as I realize now, I would speak to them often and I also believe that I saw them. As I grew older, the conversations and visions of angels went away. I didn’t really think of the angels, till I was about 38 years old, when I went to a seminar about angels. For the next ten years, I would receive Angels as gifts, from family members, students and friends.

Eight years has passed since the angels have come back to my life. It has been a wonderful journey and I want to share with you the five keys to empowerment, which I have experienced in working with my angels.

  • 1. The angels will never say anything that is negative to you. They always have positive messages to say to you. So if you feel you have heard something that is negative know that you aren’t speaking to your angels.
  • 2. Your angels can help you with a vision you may have for yourself. You just have to ask them for help. They believe and respect your freewill, so they would never interfere with whether or not you would like them to help you.
  • 3. Our angels help us with creativity. I was always fairly creative with arts and crafts. However I always had the opinion that I wasn’t able to write essays etc, or write poetry in anyway. Since my interest in angels, I have been writing poetry and I have been writing for two ezines. I have learned to write healing meditations and I have also learned to write messages from my angels. I have a lot more confidence in my writing and now I am starting to do some painting. My angels have really helped me with my confidence in writing and I thank them for their patience and help.
  • 4. Our angels give us signs that they are around us. There may be a song on the radio or on television that came on at exactly the time you had needed it to be on. You could be in a conversation and someone says something to you that you had just thought about the other day. You are at the bookstore and a book pops out at you or it drops to the floor. You pick up the book and it was exactly what you needed to look at. You hear your name called and you don’t see anyone near you. Or you could be reading something in a book or a magazine and it was something you truly needed to hear at that particular time.
  • 5. The angels will empower us to be our true self. They will help us to see the truth of who you truly are. They introduce you to people who may be in your life a short period or a long period. They will help you find the opportunities that are in your best interest. They will never force or nag, but they do encourage us to try different things so that we know and understand, life has no limits and that we can manifest whatever we truly would like to manifest for ourselves.

I asked my angels if there was anything else I should write for this article. This is what they told me. They wanted to remind me that their messages for us are from pure love and that they want us to feel comfortable that they only work in a place of pure love. They want you to know that when you go to your heart place a place of peace and love, this is where you will find them.

They say a way to find this heart place is through meditation, to help you feel centered and grounded. When you get to the heart place, know that angels will be there and they will be waiting for you, so that they can show you the love there. They say that peace is also there and that with love and peace there is no need for worry and upset. Trusting your angels, and knowing they are messengers for God, you will be delightfully satisfied that there is a lot of love when it comes to feeling empowered from your angels.

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