Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Ribbon People

Be on your guard for the ribbon people
For the ribbon people I swear
Keep your head straight, keep your mind straight
The ribbon people are everywhere

Out in the distance
Up with the silence
Back in the shadows a voice we once knew
The ribbon people are amongst me and you

Try not to worry about the ribbon people
Pay no attention if they come looking for you
Keep your dreams intact until the enemy attacks
The ribbon people, they know what to do

Up in the hilltops
Beyond redemption
Back to the past I'm the boy I once knew
The ribbon people are a part of me and you

The ribbon people work in solitude
The ribbon people can take the best of you
The ribbon people came here from so far away
The ribbon people are here forever and will stay

Try not to worry about ribbon people
Take a chance because they're a lot like you and me
See your reflection as you carry out your wish
The ribbon people are what was meant to be

Be on your guard for the ribbon people
The ribbon people are always so near
Keep your head straight, feel your heartbreak
The ribbon people really don't care

©11/11/11 Bruce Clifford

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