Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thank You My Friends

By M. Jay Mansfield

The Chat Room Poem

So many times I write of those that let me down
So many happy days I've had
Let's flip that around
Let's not utter one more word of sad

I could play connect the dots in this room
Going from sweet heart to sweet heart
And hug each and everyone of you
Except Mogave to whom I would tip my hat

Though our blood is not the same
And we may be decades apart each way
Our spirits travel along the same plains
And we come together each day

I am so honored to have met and to know
So I am writing this meager poem
as a feeble attempt to show
that I am so happy that we can share this humble glorious home

Oh yes this is at times a wacky ride
and sometimes I curl up in the corner
I know really with you I do not have to hide
And loving you and each new soul is such an honor

So this is the way an eagle says thanks
To all of you because you matter to me
from river bank to river bank
from sea to strange sea

I Love my friends this is what I came to say
Now smile each and everyone smile
lay down your burdens let's play
and now each jest is layered in love all the while

©11-3-2011 MJMansfield

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